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Driver’s Education

What you need to know

Richfield High School offers both classroom and behind the wheel training.  The classroom portion meets for 30 hours.  This is a class that will be held before school.  Four or five sessions will be held each year as needed.  You can register in the office at the High School.  Behind the wheel training will be with Mr. Morrison and Mr. Nielsen.  Once you have finished your classroom portion they will contact you.

State test

Sometime between the ages of 15 and15 ½ students need to take a test and receive their learners permit.  This is to be accomplished at the Driver License Division (DLD) in Richfield.  Students will need to have their permit for six months and drive 40 hours with an adult before they can obtain their license.  Students will also need to complete the thirty hour classroom portion before they accomplish the behind the wheel portion.  When all requirements are finished students can go to the Driver License Division and take the final driving test to obtain their drivers license.

You can take this online Practice Test to see if you’re ready to take the actual test.



The Richfield High $100.00 fee pays for the classroom course and the behind the wheel course.  The State fee for the learners permit is $15.00 and the actual drivers license is $30.00.

Classroom Schedule

Each class will last 20 school days.  Classes will begin at 6:00 AM and end at 7:30 AM.  Check with the office at Richfield High School to get exact dates and to sign up for class.  (435) 896-8247.

Frequently asked questions

Make it simple!  What steps do I follow to obtain my license?

  1. When you are 15 obtain a learner permit at the DLD. Click here for more information.
  2. Take the classroom portion of driver education at RHS.
  3. Complete the behind the wheel training.
  4. Go back to the DLD and complete driving test to obtain license.

How does my student get their learners permit?

Students will need to go to the Driver License Division and obtain a book to study for the state test.  They can take the test and obtain a learner permit at the same location.

How long do I have to have my permit before I get my license?

A student must have their permit for six months before getting their official drivers license.  Students can get their license when they are sixteen if all requirements are met.

When should I take the classroom portion of driver education?

This can be taken any time after the age of fifteen.  However, students who’s birthday come first will be accepted into the class.  Check with the office to get registered for class.

When will I do my driving portion of the class?

If you have completed all of your requirements, you will be contacted 3 to 6 weeks prior to you birthday.

What do I need to take with me to get my drivers license?

You will need to take your own vehicle and a parent will also need to attend. Visit the DLD website for more information.