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RHS Constitution

Richfield High School Constitution  [Printable PDF Version]
Table of Contents
Article I. School name, purpose, emblem, motto, school song, membership
Article II. Student government, qualifications, duties of officers
Article III. Voting registration, nominations, elections
Article IV. Student Body and Class Committees
Article V. Oath of officers
Article VI. Eligibility and qualifications for dismissal from office
Article VII. School sweaters and jackets
Article VIII. Advisors and coaches
Article IX. Amendments and Policies
We, the people of Richfield High School, in order to achieve the educational purposes of our school, to promote desirable school activities, to provide for an efficient administration of all affairs pertaining to school functions, to establish equality of opportunity among the students, to promote good citizenship, and to ensure learning opportunities for the students of Richfield High School, do hereby establish, adopt, and ratify this Constitution. It is fully understood and recognized that all school functions are under the ultimate jurisdiction of the Board of Education. Thus, all school functions are subject to their approval and policies.
Items with an asterisk (*) were revised in 2016 according to this constitution
Article I
School Name, purpose, emblem, motto, song, and membership
Section I: Name
Clause I: This organization shall be known as Richfield High School
Section II: Purpose
Clause I: The purpose of this organization shall be to gain an education, to work with the faculty in governing student activities, to provide for leadership, to develop a sense of responsibility, and to prepare students for their future. *
Section III: Color, Flag, and Emblem
Clause I: The colors shall be red and royal blue
Clause II: The flag shall be a red blocked RHS upon a field of blue
Clause III: The emblem shall be a Wildcat.
Section IV: School Song
Clause I: The school song
If you will listen, we will tell you
Of the school we’ve come to love,
The school that’s way above
Above the rivals of her lofty throne,
Forever more her glories will be known,
R-I-C-H-F-I-E-L-D R.H.S red and blue,
Alma Mater, here’s our pledge to you.
We are proud of your name
And we’ll cheer as you rise to fame.
One and all we’ll recall
That we’ll never let her standards fall
For we’re proud as we can be
Section V: Fight Song
Section VI: School Motto
Clause I: Learn to Live. Live to Learn.
Section VII: Membership
Clause I: All students of Richfield High School shall become members of the student body organization upon payment of the annual student body fee, and shall receive an Activity Card, which will admit them to all designated student body activities.
Clause II: All students, in order to maintain their standing in Richfield High School Student Body must exercise good citizenship and uphold school board policy.
Article II
Student Government, Qualifications, Duties of Officers
Section I: Student Government
Clause I: The student body government of Richfield High School is hereby vested in a student government to consist of the following:
Executive Officers*
 President
 Vice President
 Secretary
 Advertising Manager*
 Public Relations*
 Boy’s Athletics Representative*
 Girl’s Athletics Representative*
 Clubs and Activities Representative*
 Student Life Representative*
 Finances
 Service Ambassador*
 Spirit Ambassador*
 Historian
 Head Cheerleader (appointed office)
Class Officers
 Senior Class President
 Senior Class Vice President
 Senior Class Secretary
 Senior Class Activities Manager
 Junior Class President
 Junior Class Vice President
 Junior Class Secretary
 Junior Class Activities Manager
 Junior Prom Chairperson*
 Sophomore Class President
 Sophomore Class Vice President
 Sophomore Class Secretary
 Sophomore Class Activities Manager
 Freshman Class President
 Freshman Class Vice President
 Freshman Class Secretary
 Freshman Class Activities Manager
Clause II: The student government shall be advised by a regularly attending faculty member appointed by the principal.
Section II: Qualifications
Clause I: To be eligible for an elective student body office, a student must carry no fewer than six units of high school credit with a grade point average of at least 3.00 for the current and following year. It shall be the duty of the faculty advisor to check with the office to ascertain these grades.*
Clause II: All candidates must have an 80% approval from their teachers in the two previous grading periods.
a. The written approval/disapproval from the teachers of the candidates must be
given to the Executive Council Advisor.
Clause III: The candidate for President, Vice President and Secretary shall be chosen from the class which graduates the year following the elections.
Clause IV: A student elected to a major office may not be considered for another major office within student government.*
Clause V: A student elected to a Student Body or Class Office may be removed for cause by a 2/3 majority vote by the Student Council upon recommendation of the Executive Student Council and Faculty Advisor.
Clause VI: The new formula for student council elections will be based on the following:*
a. 30% student body vote
b. 30% Interview process with a panel of Student Council committee members
c. 30% application with a panel of Student Council committee members (student’s application, 3 letters of recommendation from teachers, resume, previous leadership experiences, speech)
d. 10% grades
e. To be considered to run in the campaign process students must receive 40 out of the 60 points from the interview and application processes. Less than
40 points and a student will be deemed ineligible to run for a Student Council position.
Section III: Duties of the Executive Student Council
Clause I: The Executive Student Council shall have executive power and shall administer the functions of the student body. It shall be responsible for the general activities and polices of the student body not otherwise delegated.
Clause II: DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT—It shall be the duty of the Student Body President to preside at all the meetings of the student government to delegate further responsibilities and assignments to the other student body officers and perform all the duties of the office as they arise. The President shall act as a supervisor of the Student Body Officers and coordinate their assignments. The President shall act as a liaison between the Administration and the student body, shall have authority to call official meetings, appoint committees, and have all other powers necessary for the carrying forth of the duties of the office of President to other officers as necessary. *
Clause III: DUTIES OF THE VICE PRESIDENT—It shall be the duty of the Student Body Vice President to assist the President in the official acts and perform the duties of the President in case of absence or incapacity. The Vice President shall be in charge of all homecoming activities. The Vice President shall also act as President of the Senate and shall preside in all of the Senate’s meetings. The Vice President shall organize and supervise the school’s charity fundraiser, and assist with the organization and coordination of other school functions. *
Clause IV: DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY—It shall be the duty of the Student Body Secretary to keep a careful record of all the business meetings of the student body and of the student council. These records shall be filed in the office of the Principal at the close of the year, and a duplicate will be filed in the student council file. It is the duty of the secretary to carry on all correspondence of the student body. The secretary shall also be responsible for maintaining a roll of the Student Body Officers and members of the student council. The secretary shall be the caretaker of the Constitution of Richfield High School. The Secretary shall assume the duties of the President or Vice President in the event of their absence or inability to function. *
Clause V: DUTIES OF THE ADVERTISING MANAGER—The advertising manager shall be in charge of all school advertising and publicity, including the school bulletin board, the student government website, and the large marquee located in the parking lot.
Clause VI: DUTIES OF THE BOYS AND GIRLS ATHLETIC MANAGER—The athletic manager shall be in charge of all the athletics and making sure the student council is informed of the events for the week. They are in charge of making sure there is representation at each of the sporting events at the school. They will get the information to the advertising manager to highlight on the website each week. They are also responsible for having student council members at the events to help sell or fundraise.
Clause VII: DUTIES OF THE STUDENT LIFE REPRESENTATIVE—Take pictures at all activities, events. Saves all flyers, programs, and documentation from all activities and meetings. Completes a planning process on all activities put on by student council. Responsible for highlighting students in the school and all they are accomplishing.*
Clause IX: DUTIES OF THE SPIRIT AMBASSADOR—Helps decide the RHS spirit days. Determines the prizes for dress-up days. Takes charge of deciding what the dress up days wil be. Creates announcements/posters for the spirit days. Helps promote school spirit and do rowdy right!*
Clause X: DUTIES OF THE SERVICE AMBASSADOR—helps put together RHS Christmas giving week and any other service opportunities that are available. Promotes service among fellow students to help lift them and unify the school. Keeps account of each student council members service hours throughout the year.*
Clause XII: DUTIES OF THE HISTORIAN—Keeps records of all the activities that go on with RHS throughout the year. Works with the Student Life Representative to get pictures taken throughout the year. Puts together slideshows of pictures to show the student body. Helps to add pictures to the TV in the commons.*
Clause XIII: DUTIES OF THE PUBLIC RELATIONS—writes articles for the school newspaper, and develops a newsletter for the students to see what is going on within the school. Works with officers to promote student council in bulletin boards and in a display case. Oversees student recognition for birthdays…etc.*
Clause XIV: DUTIES OF THE CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES REPRESENTATIVE—assigns officers to attend the different clubs and activity events around the school. Creates announcements/posters for the clubs and activities. Works with officers to create banners to hang in the halls to promote the different clubs and activities throughout the year. Helps promote school unity with all students. *
Clause XV: DUTIES OF THE FINANCES—responsible for the financial record of student council. Implements a tracking system for all monies coming and going in the budget. Distributes the financial records to the officers on a regular basis.
Clause XVI: DUTIES OF THE HEAD CHEERLEADER—The head cheerleader, along with the other cheerleaders, shall be responsible for maintaining spirit and good sportsmanship in all activities of the student body and shall work with the faculty advisor in planning all pep assemblies.*
Section V: A group of outstanding students shall be appointed each year to assist the Student Body Officers with school programs and activities. It is recommended that this group be held to between five and eight individuals and that they maintain a good working relationship. Appointed Student Body Officers shall be responsible for committee assignments, duties as assigned by the Student Body Officers and Advisor, and for the supervisory assignment to which they have been appointed.*
Section VI: Duties of Class Officers
Clause I: Senior Class Officers
1. The President shall conduct senior officer meetings, conduct class meetings, give the welcoming speech at graduation, represent senior class and alumni at future gatherings, and delegate further responsibilities to other senior class officers. The senior president shall oversee the responsibilities of senior ball and the activities of senior week. The President shall also organize the 5 year class reunion*
2. The Vice President shall be responsible for the Senior Homecoming float, Senior Homecoming window, and senior assembly.
3. The Secretary shall keep minutes of senior meetings, and shall maintain knowledge of senior finances.
4. The activities manager shall be in charge of fundraising for their class as well as advertising for the class.
Clause II: Junior Class Officers
1. The President shall conduct junior officer meetings, conduct class meetings, and shall delegate further responsibilities to other class officers. They shall be responsible for overseeing the Homecoming Dance and Junior Prom and the responsibilities with both. Junior Class President is also responsible for overseeing that the concessions at the football games are covered, in efforts to fund raise for their Prom. *
2. The Vice President shall be responsible for the Junior Homecoming float, Junior Homecoming window, and junior assemblies.
3. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the junior meetings and shall maintain knowledge of junior finances.
4. The activities manager shall be in charge of fundraising for their class as well as advertising for the class. 5. The Prom Chairperson shall be in charge of overseeing prom and delegating the responsibilities that exist with the coordination of prom along with the Junior Class President. The Prom Chairperson is also responsible for organizing the Junior Class Prom Committee and the meetings needed.*
Clause III: Sophomore Class Officers
1. The President shall conduct sophomore officer meetings, conduct class meetings, and shall delegate further responsibilities to other class officers. They shall be responsible for overseeing the Sadie’s Dance to be held in the spring. *
2. The Vice President shall be responsible for the Sophomore Homecoming float, sophomore window, and sophomore assemblies.
3. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the sophomore meetings and shall maintain knowledge of the sophomore finances.
4. The activities manager shall be in charge of fundraising for their class as well as advertising for the class.
Clause IV: Freshman Class Officers
1. The President shall conduct freshman officer meetings, conduct class meetings, and shall delegate further responsibilities to other class officers.
2. The Vice President shall be responsible for the Freshman Homecoming float, freshman window, and freshman assemblies.
3. The Secretary shall keep minutes of the freshman meetings and shall maintain knowledge of the freshman finances.
4. The activities manager shall be in charge of fundraising for their class as well as advertising for the class.
5. At the beginning of the freshman year, class officers should choose their class motto. This motto will be the motto during high school. *
Article III
Voting Registration, Nominations, Elections
Section I: Voting Registration
Clause I: All students enrolled at Richfield High School, that have paid their activity fee, shall be considered registered voters.
Clause II: Only registered voters upholding the school and district policies shall vote.
Section II: Manner of Nominations of Executive Officers.
Clause I: All campaigning is done under the direction of the Student Body Officers
Clause II: Votes for a write-in candidate will not be counted.
Clause III: Rules and regulation may be obtained through the Executive Council Advisor.
Clause IV: Shall be by petition signed by fifty registered voters.
Clause V: Petitions must be received by the Executive Council one week prior to the final elections.
Clause VI: The office of the Student Body President is not to be held by someone without prior experience in a Student Body or Class Officer position…special considerations may pertain*
Clause VII: The faculty of Richfield High School will also have a say in the final election/approval of the Student Body President. *
Section III: Primary Elections
Clause I: Primary elections are to be completed no later than one week prior to the final elections.
Clause II: The method of elections shall be by the interview process with the interviewing panel.*
Clause III: The students from each office receiving the 40 out of 60 points shall be eligible to run in the final elections.
Section IV: Campaign Process
Clause I: The candidates will be eligible to run and campaign for their office.
Clause II: No candidate shall spend a sum to exceed $40.00 in his or her campaigning efforts. Receipts must be kept.
Clause VI: Five hall posters and 3 banners will be allowed for each candidate. Lockers are off limits. Other guidelines will be given by the incumbent student council.
Clause VII: Failure to abide by the guidelines set by this constitution and the student council will render a candidate ineligible to run for an office and that candidate will be disqualified.
Section V: Final Elections
Clause I: The finals elections for Executive Officers shall be completed no later than one month prior to the close of school.
Clause II: It shall be the duty of the Executive Student Council to conduct the elections
Clause III: The manner of elections shall be the Secret Ballot System*
Clause IV: All phases of the election shall be supervised by faculty members appointed by the Principal.
Clause V: Students that will be represented by the newly-elected officers (i.e. currently in 8th to 11th grade) shall be eligible to vote.
Clause VI: Elections will be evaluated as follows:*
a. 30% popular vote
b. 30% Interview
c. 30% application
d. 10% grades
Section VI: Manner of Nominations for Class Officers
Clause I: Candidates shall obtain a petition and have it signed by twenty-five registered voters from their class.
Clause II: Petitions shall be turned in to the Student Council Advisor with their application
Section VII: Process of Elections
Clause I: Candidates will go through the same election process with an interview and application process*
ARTICLE IV Student Body and Class Committees*
Section I: Committees
Clause I: Student Body and Class Committees—Committees shall consist of members of the class they represent and shall be appointed by newly elected officers following the elections. Candidates for committees shall submit an application requesting appointment. Membership in committees shall be determined by the officers. All committees shall be appointed under the supervision or with the approval of the advisor.
Clause II: The purpose of the committees is to support and help their class officers in their duties. Committees are expected to encourage others to participate and help build school unity.
Oath of the Officers
Section I: Oath of the Officers*
Clause I: All officers are to be sworn into office by saying the following:
I _________________ (state your name) do solemnly swear to discharge the duties of my office of ____________________ (state your office) to the best of my ability. I will support, obey, and
exemplify the constitution and standards of Richfield High School and will properly represent the interests of the administration, the faculty, and my fellow students.
Clause II: Once elected or appointed the officer enters an “interim” period. All academic and citizenship requirements must be maintained. Officers officially are in office when sworn in before the Student Body.
Eligibility and Qualifications For Dismissal From Office*
Section I: All elected and appointed Student Body Officers and Class Officers shall maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or above in scholastic achievement in the 2 terms prior to their election and each successive term during during their term in office.
Section II: Members of class committees should maintain a grade point average of at least 2.0
Section III: Student Body Officers first responsibilities are to their office. No Student Body Officer may hold other positions of responsibility that may interfere with their grade point average or their student government responsibilities.
Section IV: New students who wish to run for office are eligible when their grade point average is maintained at the required standard and when there is evidence that their citizenship has been acceptable at their previous school.
Section V: All Student Body Officers shall be members of the class they represent.
Section VI: Expectations, standards of conduct, consequences, and reinstatement procedures may include the following:
Clause I: EXPECTATIONS—Exemplary social behavior, responsible citizenship, and high moral conduct shall be expected of all Officers, Cheerleaders, and the school Mascot.
 No drinking of alcoholic beverages
 No smoking
 No use of illegal drugs
 No sexting
 No bullying
 No involvement in vandalism, dishonesty, or other acts which might bring dishonor to Richfield High School
 Students who repeatedly use vulgar, profane, or suggestive language will be asked to resign.
 Students are expected to wear neat, clean clothing, and be well groomed.
 Officers must maintain a good citizenship grade for each term that they are in office.
 Officers must maintain an academic grade point average of 3.0 during their terms in office.
 Officers must not have restitution at any time during their office term
Clause III: CONSEQUENCES—any infraction of the standards of Richfield High School, oath of offices or of this Constitution, shall result in one or more of the following upon review by the respective advisor:
 Disciplinary action as determined by the Administration and/or Advisor
 Dismissal from office or appointment
 Removal from membership on teams
 Probation
Clause IV: REINSTATEMENT—Policies of Reinstatement will be determined on a case-by-case basis by their respective advisors and departments.
Section VII: Eligibility of officers shall be monitored quarterly by their respective advisors.
School Sweaters and Jackets*
Section I: Official Richfield High School sweaters shall consist of three colors: red, royal blue, and white.
Section II: Appropriate insignia such as the Wildcat paw, individual names, and dates of graduation, office, and club logos may be worn on school sweaters. Achievement pins and award buttons are also acceptable.
Section III: Only the authorized individuals such as the student body officers, class officers, cheerleaders, and students who have earned letters are permitted to wear a blocked letter on their sweater.
Section IV: All auxiliary organizations may obtain jackets of their own choosing. Appropriate insignia in keeping with the values, ideals, and standards of Richfield High School may be worn on all jackets.
Section V: Richfield Wildcat sweaters shall be worn to symbolize accomplishment and office. They shall be worn with pride, honor, and dignity and shall represent the ideals and values of Richfield High School.
Advisors and Coaches*
Section I: Advisors and Coaches for each auxiliary organization within the school shall be appointed by the Administration.
Section II: The duties of faculty advisors and coaches shall be to counsel and assist students in their respective organizations and sports as outlined in their constitution and/or contract.
Section III: All meetings and activities of organizations at Richfield High School shall be supervised by the appointed advisors and coaches, or by an approved adult (Ex. Assistant coach, parent, etc.).
Amendments and Policies*
Section I: Amendments to this Constitution may be initiated through the Student Body Officers, Student Body Advisor, PTSO, the Administration, or by Student Referendum.
Section II: To be enacted, Amendments to this Constitution must be ratified by a majority vote in the Executive Council and 2/3 of participating student voters.
Section III: Any amendments wanting to be made to the Constitution should be introduced to the Executive Council by the class Senator.