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July 3, 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Registration

Senior Forms

2017 Seniors, please fill out the following forms to apply for Honor Cords:

RHS Social Studies Honor Cord Application

RHS Language Arts Honor Cord Application

RHS Math Honor Cord Application

RHS Science Honor Cord Application

RHS Foreign Language Honor Cord Application

Wildcat Contributor Cord Application [Printable PDF]

RHS Fine Arts Honor Cord Application [Printable PDF]

RHS P.E. Honor Cord Application [Printable PDF]

Scholarship Awards: Use the following form to have any offered University/College scholarship(s) listed in the Awards Booklet:
[Students, You will need to be logged into your s.seviersd.org account to fill in this form.  You can submit up to ten scholarships – just leave any extra pages blank and click ‘Submit’ on the tenth page – Thanks!]

Scholarship Awards