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Transcript Request

Instructions to request a transcript of grades:

Students currently attending RHS:

These requests can be made by the student or parent by contacting our Registrar, Mrs. Dickinson.

Previous students of RHS:

  • For students who graduated more than 3 years ago, contact Mrs. Dickinson for more information.

Phone: (435) 896-8247 ext. 17

e-mail: annette.dickinson@seviersd.org

  • For students who graduated within the past 3 years, follow the instructions below.

Due to privacy laws, you must request your own transcript in writing or in person. The following information is necessary.

  1. Students legal name (this should be the name you used while attending RHS).
  2. Year your class graduated.
  3. Date of Birth.
  4. Your signature and phone number.
  5. Mailing instructions for the return of the transcript. (A transcript is not considered official if it is faxed.)

Transcript requests can be mailed to:

Richfield High School

Attn: Registrar

495 W. Center St.

Richfield, UT 84701